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Located in the Omaheke Region, in the eastern part of Namibia, Gobabis is known for its cattle farming. Cattle farming is such an important part of its industry that a large statue of a Brahman bull is situated near the entrance of the town with the words “Cattle Country” written on it.

The earliest name known to be given to the area before Gobabis was ǂkhoandabes, taken from the Khoekhoegowab language meaning “the place where the elephant came to lick”. Its origins may have began when the the dry and cracked elephant tusks were stored in the settlement’s well. The Herero gave the name Epako to the area.

In the 1800’s the area around Gobabis and along the Nossob river had a large population of elephants. Because of this, Gobabis became a trading post for settlers who wanted to hunt elephants or purchase ivory tusks.

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